Bars That Jon Taffer Couldn't Even Rescue

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Jon Taffer brings his lifetime of experience managing bars to save establishments that are on the verge of shutting down on his reality show Bar Rescue. But despite his efforts, some bars still go under. Here are some of the bars that didn't survive, even after being rescued.
Weber's Place in Reseda California, was a strip club before entrepreneur Kervin Clinton bought it in 2007 to turn it into a place that focused on live music. He wasn't making enough money, and on top of that, his employees were stealing some of the money he did have. Clinton was thousands of dollars in debt when he called for Jon Taffer's help.
Taffer took down any décor that still remained from when the bar was a strip club, like giant red lips that opened up to the kitchen. He also set up a closed-circuit television system so that Clinton could keep an eye on his staff at any given time. He wanted the bar to lose its identity as a live music place, because some of the best live music spots, such as the Troubadour, were just a few blocks away on Sunset Boulevard. Taffer brought in a Caribbean theme as an ode to Clinton's Caribbean roots and renamed the place Weber's Rum Bar and Grill.
Unfortunately, the bar was not able to maintain the standards set by Taffer. According to Bar Rescue Updates, patrons complained of poor service and not being able to get most things listed on the menu. A year after the episode was aired in 2012, the bar closed.
Watch this video for more bars that Jon Taffer couldn't even rescue!
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Rebranding a strip club | 0:00
Biker bar to whiskey bar | 1:23
Who's the owner? | 2:33
Taffer vs. poor management | 3:41
An outdated music venue | 4:44
Taffer vs. lack of experience | 5:54
This 2-in-1 didn't last. | 6:56
A drunk owner's downfall | 8:06
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  • Anyone afraid of 3 or more motorcycles outside a place shouldn't be welcome as they're idiots to start with. All these bars are aimed at big city yuppy scum.

    wesrwesr11 ժամ առաջ
  • You should have a two part feature to show other bars that failed

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  • MTBottle, closed a couple years after he left lol

    Flux_TimeFlux_TimeՕր առաջ
  • Christ it seems so easy to run a good restaurant or bar. Don't be stupid and make good fresh food and drinks..

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  • A friend of mine played an actor in that show it’s completely fake, maybe 30% real at most

    Sid From WisconsinSid From Wisconsin2 օր առաջ
  • John tafford knows his stuff you know and other people that don't know how to run bars and stuff like that and then their business goes out of business serves them right for not listening to Jon taffer

    Robert BecerraRobert Becerra2 օր առաջ
  • With they dumb asses

    Jaymillz96lsJaymillz96ls3 օր առաջ
  • Yeah - usually a stabbing or a shooting will do it

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  • Refusing to listen to Jon Taffer and follow his ideas is like a doctor refusing to listen to an experienced surgeon and then trying to perform surgery with a pocket knife. If you aren't going to learn from the experts, WTF are you in business? Are their egos that huge? Lonnie Walker, the female musician running a supposedly hippie bar with her son, was a classic disaster. She can't bear to give up living in 1969 or admit her "music" isn't what anyone wants to hear. She should be running a day-care center for pre-school kids, not trying to sell drinks to adults. I'm her age but I sure as hell wouldn't go in that bar to use the toilet, much less listen to her "music" or order a drink. Sorry, babe, but the '60s are long gone, along with your investment.

    Kris AaronKris Aaron5 օր առաջ
  • How many more of these bars went under after Covid-19 restrictions

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  • cant fix bad owners and managers

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  • The Angels didn't help that owner was in jail for tax evasion.

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    • They were successful and everyone loved it. Except the woman owner who was negative and then got her boyfriend to be negative. Then everyone got negative. Negativity is a cancer and stay away from people like that

      jack jonjack jon10 ժամ առաջ
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      Water BottleWater Bottle2 օր առաջ
    • That place was a complete joke lol

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  • have they done a video of the successful bars? that would be amazing to watch.

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  • He looks like Andrew Cuomo!

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    • Don't disrespect taffer like that.

      Smoked OutSmoked Out19 օր առաջ
  • A lot of these places failed because they didn’t listen to him or they couldn’t follow his instructions

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  • No O face bar in council bluffs IA!?? I showed up there hoping to see Taffer. Learned many months later it was a failed rescue and thats why he was nowhere to be seen

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    • He refused to even rescue O Face.

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    • He was in grain Valley Missouri at some bar in a lot of that’s all staged it’s not a real

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  • That's why I'll never go to bars!

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