Super Weird Rules That MasterChef Contestants Need To Follow

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Have you ever wondered if you could make it in the MasterChef kitchen? Ever dreamed about winning that much-coveted top spot - and the massive cash prize that comes with it? If so, it might be worth knowing one very important thing: Being a contestant on MasterChef is no joke. Just take a look at a few of the many rules the show's top cooks have to follow.
First thing's first: No professional chefs allowed. Yes, seriously - MasterChef only recruits and signs off on self-taught, casual cooks. That's pretty much the number one rule on the show, of course, and it makes total sense, too. After all, you wouldn't try out for The Apprentice if you've got your own fortune 500 company, and you probably can't get on The Voice if you headlined Coachella last year.
But there are a few other rules contestants on MasterChef have to follow. In fact, one of the most surprising requirements takes place before contestants even make it to the set. Jessie Glenn, a one-time hopeful vying for the MasterChef top prize, detailed her experience with producers in a full exposé for Salon.
According to Glenn, auditioners are required to partake in a lengthy personality evaluation and one-on-one with a psychiatrist before getting the official sign-off to join the series. Don't expect to get a copy of the results, though - Glenn says that you're never shown them, likely because the whole point of the test appears to be to glean dramatic traits and characteristics from the contestants, so they can be "harvested" later for a plot twist. And MasterChef isn't the only show that does this, either. When Glenn asked the doctor if they perform these consultations for other shows, they replied:
"'Yes! The Biggest Loser, American Idol, all the Fox shows.'"
Glenn reveals that the "invasive" pre-filming prodding doesn't end there, either; potential contestants are also required to meet with an investigator, whose purpose is to dig into every last bit of your personal history before approving you for TV. Even though Glenn says she hadn't thought they had done anything that would prevent them from being selected as a contestant on the show, she was still incredibly nervous. And honestly - can you blame her? Going through a psych evaluation followed by an interrogation by an investigator is hardly going to be the most relaxing experience you've ever had.
Watch this video for more super weird rules that MasterChef contestants need to follow!
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