What You Never Knew About Coffee Cake

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Believe it or not, coffee cake has been around for centuries, with its recipe being shaped through advancements in baking and availability of ingredients. Because of this ever-changing quality, there are dozens of different types of coffee cake out there, from glazed to fruit-filled. It’s as unique as the person making it!
To break it down, coffee cake really only has two distinct qualities, according to Baking Bites: it’s a soft, sweet cake that’s topped with crumbly streusel. Everything else is free game. So what’s the story behind this tasty pastry? This is what you never knew about coffee cake.
Keep watching to see what you never knew about coffee cake.
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Evolution of coffee cake | 0:00
Some coffee with your cake | 1:49
Coffee cake and crumb cake | 3:01
Better with sour cream | 4:08
National coffee cake day | 5:18
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  • Do you prefer making coffee cake or buying it from the store?

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    • le boulangerie fait

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  • I'm soooo in love with Coffee Cake.

    BearOnARompBearOnARomp7 օր առաջ
  • Love crumb coffee cake!

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  • It goes great with coffee. It also goes great with tea or a cold glass of milk.

    TheRabidPosumTheRabidPosum10 օր առաջ
  • Totally true about the sour cream

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  • Coffee cake gave ,coffee the jump it needs, and baked to be on the bottom and crunch e,on the top.that’s is a great coffee cake.

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  • Coffee cake is addicting

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    • What's your point 😊

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  • give me a heart pls

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  • The coffee cake holiday is in the spring when neighbors celebrate making it through the winter and start visiting each other again.

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    • That's muffin day

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  • I didn't even knew Coffee Cake exists.

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    • What planet are you from?

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    • You need to get out more 😷

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    • Europe

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  • IDK

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    • Never gonna let you down

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