The Untold Truth Of Andrew Rea

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Since 2016, Andrew Rea has been teaching folks how to cook via his AMworlds show Binging with Babish. In just a few short years, he's grown the channel to an impressive eight million subscribers and netted cookbook and kitchenware deals along the way. This is the untold truth of Andrew Rea.
Internet sensation chef Andrew Rea is proud that he grew up in Rochester, New York, and although he's moved downstate to New York City, Rochester remains very much in his heart.
In interviews and in his instructional videos, Rea gives generous shout-outs to his hometown. As a native of Rochester, he feels contractually obliged to cheer on the home team, the Buffalo Bills. And one of many visits home left him so, quote, "tumescent with hometown pride" that he devoted an entire episode to rustling up Rochester's official dish, the Garbage Plate.
A more permanent testament to his Rochester love is what he referred to in a Wired Q&A as his hometown pride tattoo. Located on his right inner forearm, the stylized EKC represents the original logo of the homegrown Eastman Kodak Company. Aside from paying homage to his roots, Rea claims the tattoo serves as a constant reminder to never get stuck in his ways, but to keep looking forward.
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Childhood in Rochester | 0:19
A young cook | 1:18
Huge Frasier fan | 2:22
Meaningful tattoos | 3:22
Film career | 4:24
The Moist Maker sandwich | 5:47
Favreau fandom | 6:52
Rea is banana-phobic | 7:39
Relationship present and past | 8:33
Success in culinary universe | 9:26
Cookware line | 10:45
Brewpub dreams | 11:47
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